NIH Reviewer Training Guide

As part of our continuing effort to ensure that the peer review process is fair and consistent, the NIH has developed training for reviewers on Mitigating Bias in Peer Review and Review Integrity. Learn how to access the trainings below.

Reviewer Training

How to access the NIH Reviewer Training

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About the training courses

Mitigating Bias in Peer Review
Mitigating Bias in Peer Review (30 mins)
This module, which includes several real-life scenarios, is designed to increase awareness of potential biases in the peer review process, and to provide reviewers with strategies to mitigate those biases. It was developed with significant input on content and format from the CSR Advisory Council Working Group on Bias Awareness Training. This was a diverse group of extramural scientists and staff from CSR, the NIH Office of Scientific Workforce Diversity and NIGMS, and included those with specific backgrounds and expertise in bias training.
Integrity in Peer Review
Integrity in Peer Review (30 mins)
This module is designed to increase awareness of what constitutes a breach in review integrity and to provide reviewers with tools to navigate situations that could result in a breach, using several real-life scenarios.

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